Our Training System

No-one ever truly masters their job until they can do it safely.

The Art of Engagement

The Art of Engagement is a unique 7- module course designed to improve safety practices through workforce engagement. It’s the only 100% safety-based engagement training system available anywhere. We combine engagement, safety and Lean thinking into one clever system centering on action research.  With iCHASE engagement, continual improvement, efficiency and productivity will happen automatically. 

The course finishes with a practical workshop where we begin the process of co-creating and streamlining  your procedures in plain English.

Our motto is engaged critical thinking from the ground up.  With our iCHASE, your workers become your problem-solvers.

Dual Training Streams

One size does not fit all. That’s why we deliver The Art of Engagement in two separate streams―one for management and one for the workforce.

We train the managers first. This gives them:

A good understanding of what to expect as employees engage

The ability to identify engaged and disengaged employees

Practical tips on how to facilitate the engagement process

Benefits of iCHASE Engagement Training

Management can have new levels of legal protection.


Zero Mechanical Hazards (ZMH) can replace the unviable Zero Harm model.

Safety becomes proactive and predictive

Productivity and efficiency should increase.

Safety can generate revenue instead of being a sunk cost.

The solution lies in Engagement. Get Engagement, and you will get Safety. It doesn’t work the other way around.

Our mission is to provide the best engagement-based safety system available anywhere. Research shows that high levels of engagement bring increased efficiency and productivity. There is no downside to engaging your workforce.