About iCHASE

There is no downside to engagement

Who we are

We are an Indigenous Australian company with one mission: to provide the best engagement-based safety practices available anywhere.

We seek  authentic, long-term partnerships with businesses and organisations, working together to keep your workforce safe and to increase engagement and productivity. 

What we do

We deliver a unique engagement training system designed to encourage critical thinking, problem-solving and increased ownership in your workforce.  The iCHASE system had its origins in rail,  but it is portable across all industries and  compliant with Australian safety legislation.

We like to keep things simple. That’s why we also  use Plain English for all our training resources and procedures. After all,  no-one will complain if it’s too easy to understand.  

What makes it different?

The iCHASE Safety Solution combines academic research with centuries of philosophical thought. We took the best of that thinking, then applied it to the Workplace Health and Safety context. The result is a unique, target-specific system based on Lean principles and designed to engage your workforce from the ground up. 

Research shows that engaged workforces are:

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more productive
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more profitable

Executive Summary, State of the Global Workplace Gallup Report, 2017

With this system, workers gain ownership through co-creating and continually improving their own safety procedures.

After all, they know their jobs better than anyone else.

The solution lies in Engagement. Get Engagement, and you will get Safety. It doesn’t work the other way around.

Our mission is to provide the best engagement-based safety system available anywhere. Research shows that high levels of engagement bring increased efficiency and productivity. There is no downside to engaging your workforce.