We are proud to be partnering with Bunya Peoples Aboriginal Rangers (BPAC) to incorporate cultural awareness into our iCHASE engagement training.  We are also working with the rangers to raise awareness of the importance of healing Country through Indigenous cultural burning practices. 

Together, we are designing an engagement system, which:

Is culturally responsive

Incorporates Indigenous languages

Belongs to the community


“I ‘m really enjoying the iCHASE training. Graeme is passionate about making workplaces safer through engagement.  “

John Murray

Bunya Mountains Murri Ranger

“BPAC believe that iCHASE has developed an innovative and ground-breaking approach to developing safety systems. The BPAC team have gained a strong understanding, not only of safety, but what it means to be an engaged worker. BPAC would highly recommend the iCHASE training to any organisation.”

Paul Dawson

General Manager, Operations BPAC

“This training has been unlike any training we’ve done before. I’ve loved how interactive the training is, and really feel like I understand my role in the organisation and how I am an important part of us being safe and achieving results”.

Damon Anderson

BPAC Ranger


The solution lies in Engagement. Get Engagement, and you will get Safety. It doesn’t work the other way around.

Our mission is to provide the best engagement-based safety system available anywhere. Research shows that high levels of engagement bring increased efficiency and productivity. There is no downside to engaging your workforce.