Our Team


Founder & CEO

Graeme Mitchell is the co-founder and CEO of iCHASE. Drawing on decades of experience across many industries, he pioneered the iCHASE safety-based engagement system, revolutionising workplace safety.


Engagement Consultant & Indigenous Mentor

Stephen works full time in an industry-based Indigenous mentoring role. He has worked in the rail industry and was the regional co-ordinator for the Central Western Queensland CDEP. Steve was also the Community Development Officer with the Central West Aboriginal Corporation.


Co-founder & Director

Jan has extensive experience in the medical and hospitality management industries. Jan provides editorial insight and a consultancy overview to iCHASE.


Psychologist and Research Coordinator

Dr Prudence Millear is the Honours Program co-ordinator at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Dr Millear has been part of the iCHASE team since its inception and plans to use the iCHASE engagement methodology as the basis for research masters and PhDs


Trainer & Plain English Consultant

Leonie is a trainer, content writer, editor and Plain English specialist with over 20 years’ experience in state and local government. A qualified Librarian, Leonie is passionate about adult literacy and equitable access to information for all Australians. Leonie also holds a Cert IV in Training and Assessment.


Workplace Safety Specialist

David Randall is the Managing Director of DRA Safety Specialists and has been involved in the Work Health and Safety Industry since 1990. He is an expert in theme park safety and provides consulting, training and auditing services to clients throughout Australia and overseas.

David shares the iCHASE vision of safety-based engagement and sees engagement as central to long-term safety success.


Safety Ambassador, speaker and author

Shane Webcke is renowned as one of rugby league’s best front-row forwards. Since retiring, he has become a compelling speaker, author and safety ambassador.

Shane understands the close relationship between engagement and safety. Shane’s passion for safety-based workplace engagement makes him a perfect fit for iCHASE.

“If I can change just one person’s attitude, then it will all be worthwhile.”


Strategic PARTNER

Ross was head of safety for Warner Brothers in the UAE and President and Chair of the Safety Committee on MENALAC (Middle Eastern Leisure and Attraction Council). Ross also held a C level safety role for three large theme parks and the Presidential Palace.

Ross clearly sees the need for Engagement-based Safety in workplaces. He sees our systemised and practical approach to safety as the new WH&S model, both in Australia and globally. Over the last 10 years, Ross had creative input into the course and is proud to be part of the team.



As a  practising Indigenous psychologist, Paul Jones has played a key consultative role in the development of the iCHASE engagement system since 2012. Paul has a particular interest in youth safety and community-based engagement.


Engagement Consultant & Indigenous Liaison

Teena is a Support and Wellbeing Program Manager for a leading Indigenous employer specialising in civil engineering, construction and facilities maintenance. Teena also has extensive experience delivering safety training in local government.

The solution lies in Engagement. Get Engagement, and you will get Safety. It doesn’t work the other way around.

Our mission is to provide the best engagement-based safety system available anywhere. Research shows that high levels of engagement bring increased efficiency and productivity. There is no downside to engaging your workforce.